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Uniting Muslims

Tehmina Kazi writes on the complications found in efforts to unite Muslims

Archive Oldie: Frank Lee classic on Keynes (2001)

Frank Lee examines the strange death of the bourgeois intellectual   "The class war will find me on the side of the educated bourgeoisie." John Maynard...

Gerry Hassan on Scotland’s divisions in Chartist #271

We are One Scotland Gerry Hassan surveys the troubled politics of post-referendum Scotland as it becomes very clear that the dust has far from settled,...

Follow the leader: Labour’s Balls-shaped shackles

Peter Kenyon on a persistent Ed Balls problem that has straddled Labour and its leader, Ed Miliband.

Labour’s first post-election budget: how to avoid a Balls up

Peter Kenyon on the 2 Eds and some important pre and post-election choices Britain needs a payrise. I would go further. The world needs a...

TTIP, the EU and the Trade Betrayal

The undemocratic assault from a global trade agenda is bearing poisonous fruit in the form of EU trade and procurement law argues Linda Kaucher

The TUC’s Paul Nowak demands Britain gets a pay rise

Paul Nowak on preparing for the TUC-led mass action in October

Archive oldie: David Floyd on schools and migrants (2002)

Citizenship of fools: Another new subject hits our schools, the government hits immigrants, David Floyd makes the connection.

Labour, be bold!

Peter Kenyon sees a risky strategy and wants Miliband to be honest with voters Fingers crossed Labour leader Ed Miliband is saving the best until...

An archive oldie: Don Flynn on migrants rights (2002)

CHARTIST will be republishing articles from yesteryear from its archive to give you your personal sense of socialism a nostalgic pep!  First, an article by Don...

Lucy Anderson MEP: Towards a more equal Europe

Lucy Anderson MEP, in the current issue of CHARTIST, sees some grounds for optimism in the outcome of European elections. The UK Labour Party did...