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Free market nightmare

Nick Dearden on the danger of Johnson dancing to Trump’s tune on trade

Putney victory

Robbie Scott on how Putney became Labour’s only Tory scalp

Johnson’s economic populism

Bryn Jones finds the Tories' adaptation to state intervention is an opportunity for a Labour counter-offensive

After darkness, light

Tom Miller reflects on the reasons for defeat and identifies seeds for renewal

Regroup and learn the lessons

Sam Tarry MP on threats and challenges facing the Labour movement

No more Labour Red Walls?

Polarisation into Brexit and Remain broke Labour’s coalition says, Mary Southcott. Now we need a constitutional convention and PR to reassemble common ground

Spanish Socialists walking a tightrope

Brian O’Leary reports on a narrow victory for Spain’s Socialist Party with separatist and economic challenges facing the coalition

Their history

Duncan Bowie considers previous Tory divisions and sees nothing new about nationalism and protectionism

Should Extinction Rebellion switch tracks?

Nigel Doggett on the strengths and weakness of the XR campaign

Turkish ‘Peace Operations’

Mary Southcott says Turkey’s attacks on Kurds in northern Syria need to be seen in a wider context

Millions excluded from voting

Phil Pope makes the case for widening the UK franchise