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Missionaries with no new money

Jamie Driscoll calls out the Tories' levelling up proposals

End the occupation – solidarity with Ukrainians: Ukraine’s fight against the revival of Russian...

Julie Ward reports from Kyiv on the Social Movement and efforts to organise popular resistance to the Russian aggression

Global Britain versus the last colony

Mary Southcott provides a personal testimony on extending democracy and anti-colonialism

Where is Labour going on Ireland?

Geoff Bell says Labour should reject unionism and become part of the solution

Seen but not heard

Dave Lister on the backward ideas animating the chair of the new Social Mobility Commission

Getting the environment done?

Victor Anderson finds holes in government plans to replace EU green laws

Belarus & Poland in murderous migrant policies

Alena Ivanova on solidarity acts for thousands trapped in hostile environments in Eastern Europe

History’s trajectory

Glyn Ford on the threat of Cold War Mk II

Tories plan more curbs on union rights

Don Flynn explains the new threat to trade unions and their role in fighting the undemocratic Elections Bill

What do we mean by an ethical foreign policy?

In the midst of a global pandemic, climate change and conflict, Mary Kaldor suggests features of an ethical socialist Labour internationalism or human security policy

How is Starmer doing?

Starting our new column, Bryn Jones reviews some of Starmer’s Ten Pledges