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Turkish ‘Peace Operations’

Mary Southcott says Turkey’s attacks on Kurds in northern Syria need to be seen in a wider context

Millions excluded from voting

Phil Pope makes the case for widening the UK franchise

The far right comes in from the cold

Andrew Coates on the ideologists guiding the far right today

Scotland & the end of the Empire State

Gerry Hassan on self-government, the weaknesses of Labour (and Tory) opposition to the SNP and the need for a new constitutional settlement as the Brexit imbroglio unfolds

Legacy of Islamophobia

Hassan Hoque on ahistorical views and Islamophobia rife in the Tory Party

Labouring on

Peter Kenyon highlights lessons to be learned from Brexit in or out

Conservative Party sheds its One-Nation image

Don Flynn says the Tory wolf of private property is now out

Chartist 300 UP

Mike Davis, editor, on Chartist past, present and future

Universal Basic Income – panacea or snake oil?

Rory O’Kelly has his doubts on the benefits

Amritsar Massacre 1919: a shameful imperial legacy

Kabul Sandhu remembers 100 years ago when British troops killed hundreds of peacefully protesting unarmed Indians

What do we mean by a National Education Service?

Dave Lister says content and funding must go hand in hand