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Our History

Committed socialist co-operator with a big heart

Mike Davis remembers James Grayson

Keith Savage – an appreciation

Mike Davis on a committed activist and socialist champion of the arts

New Worlds for Old: Chartist Manifesto (2006)

This manifesto was published in Chartist November/December 2006 Socialism for the Twenty-First Century 1. Capitalism is still the dominant global economic system. Laissez faire capitalism only...

Tony Blair: The Third Way (1998)

It is perhaps open to question why Tony Blair’s pamphlet is included in a series entitled ‘Our History’ as most Chartist readers will not...

Life on the left

Stan Newens recounts a life on the left while championing the case of the Palestinians in conversation with Mike Davis.

Hilary Wainwright: Arguments for a New Left (1994)

Wainwright is a socialist feminist and political activist and is currently editor of Red Pepper. A sociology researcher at Durham University and then the...

Paul Hirst: Associative Democracy (1994)

Paul Hirst was a sociologist and professor of social theory at Birkbeck College, London. In the 1970s and 1980s he was a leading advocate...

Michael Meacher: Diffusing Power (1992)

Michael Meacher was MP for Oldham for 45 years from 1970 until his death in 2015. Before becoming an MP he was an academic,...

Stan Newens – an East Londoner, socialist, internationalist and historian

Duncan Bowie on the life and work of the long-standing Chartist subscriber, MP and MEP, and champion of colonial freedom

David Blunkett and Bernard Crick: The Labour Party’s Aims and Values (1988)

In 1985, the Labour Party National Executive Committee commissioned a statement of ‘Principles and Beliefs’. The working party appointed to draft the document apparently...

Anthony Wright: Socialisms: Theories and Practices (1986)

At the time Wright wrote this book, he was a lecturer in political studies at Birmingham University. In 1979, he had written G D...