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England – which England?

Paul Salveson on the fool’s gold of English nationalism

Radical federalism

Sam Tarry calls for a radical federalism to connect with the people’s desire for greater power over their lives

A better yesterday?

Gerry Hassan says Scottish Labour has to execute a dramatic forward-looking change if it is to reverse decades of decline

New possibilities for cities?

In CHARTIST #281, Robin Hambleton draws lessons from abroad for the devolution debate A radical restructuring of political power in England is underway. Notwithstanding the lofty...

Blog: Lessons for Labour from Survation

Plagues have been cast upon the houses of Britain's pollsters in the last week, but they have the right to redeem themselves. Survation has...

The New Devolution Politics & the ‘Neverendum’

The aftermath of the referendum has been won by Scotland's Nationalists. This could have serious long-term consequences which could still see Scotland go it...

Better together: Have we arrived at our federal moment?

Scotland's NO vote in Thursday's referendum has left a number of hugely important questions. What will Devo-Max look like? what are the repercussions for...