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Protection for supply chain workers

Lara Wolters on a key human rights and environmental due diligence protection from the European Parliament

Keep the European flag flying

Julie Ward on taking internationalism to the streets

Don’t leave internationalism to the nationalists

Elly Schlein MEP says a European green and progressive front is the real alternative to nationalism and neoliberalism

The world doesn’t revolve around Wigan, Wansbeck or wherever

Peter Kenyon marvels at the policy-thinking that our sisters and brothers in Europe are engaged in

Labour renewing the European left

Patrick Costello and Glyn Ford identify Labour’s European allies and why it is vital to develop solidarity in the face of Brexit

Hokey-Cokey Labour

Peter Kenyon reviews the ins and outs of the British Labour Party's EU policy making The hokey-cokey doesn't feature in Strictly Come Dancing - named...

Elections 2014 verdict: a plague on all your houses

The post-election aftermath has provided a predictable medley of staged and half-baked conclusions. Besides UKIP's gnawing at the Tories' right flank, Labour's lacklustre showing...