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Defending democratic states

Don Flynn argues solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance is essential but we should recognise the problem with NATO and the Armageddon strategy

History’s trajectory

Glyn Ford on the threat of Cold War Mk II

What do we mean by an ethical foreign policy?

In the midst of a global pandemic, climate change and conflict, Mary Kaldor suggests features of an ethical socialist Labour internationalism or human security policy

Lessons of Afghanistan

Don Flynn on the folly of foreign intervention

Johnson’s ’tilt’ to China getting nowhere

Jenny Clegg offers a pragmatic perspective on how the UK can respond to China's rise

Promoting debate on left policy

Bob Newland and Dave Lister debate left-wing policy on interventionism

Tories’ death knell for millions

Andy Gregg says Government overseas aid cuts are harmful, unprincipled, unjustified and weaken Britain's influence

Stand by nuclear test ban

Fabian Hamilton on peace prospects in a world without Trump

New times, old delusions

Dave Lister on simplistic internationalism

Labour balancing realism with idealism on defence

Paul Dixon sees a new pragmatism in Corbyn’s approach The key problem for a Corbyn-led Labour Government is not so much what should be Labour’s...