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England – which England?

Paul Salveson on the fool’s gold of English nationalism

Northern democracy

Paul Salveson on 2021 and a reset for new normal

For a progressive English regionalism

Paul Salveson makes the case for a complete overhaul of UK government structures to rebalance power and decision-making currently dominated by London and the South

Power to the people?

Duncan Bowie asks what power and what people in a discussion of devolution, spatial equity and socialism

The break-up of Britain?

Paul Salveson surveys views of post-Brexit Britain

Cold wind from the North

Paul Salveson on a different, more complex reality of northern working class

The case for Northern devolution

Paul Salveson returns to the increasingly pertinent 'English Question' and specifically the case for Northern devolution

Northern lessons Labour must Learn

Chartist's Paul Salveson, who writes our Points & Crossings column, has recently left the Labour party to join Yorkshire First, a party formed around the mission of a devolved assembly for Yorkshire. Here he tells us - and the Labour party - why.