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Tory handouts for the rich versus Labour’s way

Prem Sikka highlights the dividing line on taxation between Labour and Conservatives while setting out a sharper left course

Tax dodging, UK and Ukraine style

Alexander Antonyuk exposes the UK-Ukraine tax rip-off and calls for coordinated action

Prem Sikka on Panama papers

Prem Sikka maps out the a parallel universe in CHARTIST #280   The leaked files of Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca have further confirmed the existence of...

Dave Toke on Scotland’s green paradox

Dave Toke on diminishing returns from fiscal autonomy in CHARTIST 274   Last summer I told an energy conference in Aberdeen that discussions about how much...

Tax Dodgers Inc. – The roll of dishonour

Prem Sikka targets the top dodgers whose unpaid tax exposes government hypocrisy

Corporate tax avoidance fathers austerity

In the wake of the tax scams in Luxembourg Prem Sikka explains how manufactured tax avoidance schemes are eroding social democracy