Two calls to arms

Congratulation to Jeremy Corbyn – the new leader of the British Labour Party


CHARTIST was in no doubt that his nomination as a Leadership candidate has dramatically transformed the contest. He has won in all sections of the new electoral college – members, supporters and affiliates. His majority in both % and absolute numbers exceeds that of Tony Blair in 1994. It is as we suggested the last issue of CHARTIST – a historic moment.


In tribute to this remarkable event, CHARTIST will publish a Special Issue on the eve of the 2015 Labour Party conferences. So our first call to arms is to invite contributors to this special issue.


Copies will be distributed free to the Women’s Conference and main Labour Conference delegates on production of a relevant Labour Party pass.


Mock up special issue

Contents will cover: Anti-Austerity, Reshaping Social Europe, Changing Labour’s political culture, Winning in Scotland, Winning in London, Converting the South, Keeping the Party together, Attracting women back to Labour, a new Internationalism – peace or war, Campaigning together with the Unions, Housing and investment – pivotal policies and last, but particularly important, Democratising the Labour Party


Our second call is for all of you to address, as Jeremy indicated his first speech as leader, the disgraceful anti-democratic assault on workers’ rights presented by the Trade Union Bill. In supporting the Unions Together campaign to ‘Kill the Bill’, we urge you to click on this link and write to your MP demanding they vote against this Bill.


This Bill is a major test of the parliamentary party. It is found itself badly out of step with the party’s exploding membership; a membership who demand radical alternatives to austerity. If Labour MPs cannot vote to underpin the rights of labour, they have no right to call themselves labour

















































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