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Going for the jugular

Dave Prentis on the Trade Union Bill and its attack on human rights The right to strike is a fundamental human right recognised across...

Northumberland Notes

Craig Simpson on an English political microcosm Northumberland serves as a microcosm of the English political landscape. Post-industrial, urban Labour strongholds, vanishing Lib Dem support,...

Chartist AGM report by Andrew Coates

The Chartist AGM was well attended and had some awesome speakers. Report by Andrew Coates


Chartist's AGM is now only 3 weeks-ish away. We've got  some confirmed speakers and a new manifesto to debate on June 6th.

Chartist post-election comment: Tory win deepens divisions

Mike Davis reflects on Labour’s defeat   Tory bribes of income tax, VAT and National Insurance freezes and a new housing bubble combined with the politics...

Tax Dodgers Inc. – The roll of dishonour

Prem Sikka targets the top dodgers whose unpaid tax exposes government hypocrisy

The war on inequality

Patricia d'Ardenne asks what impact a new Labour government might make

Time to end failed experiment – Manuel Cortes

In the latest print issue of CHARTIST, Manuel Cortes tells us why Europeans urgently need an alternative to austerity European economies are in a perilous...

Chartist 2015 Manifesto

As promised, CHARTIST has published its 2015 manifesto. The last time we published a manifesto it was 2007 – the year before financial capitalism...

The Mysterious Fall and Rise of Inequality – Part I

James Thompson in his first of a three-part series on the curious rise of inequality in our politics   Inequality is currently an issue right near...

Immigration works for us

Don Flynn on why it is time for Labour to make the progressive case There is a mood abroad on the issue of immigration which...