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Sterility of the middle ground

Don Flynn finds Labour’s election review sidesteps the important issues

From left policy to left strategy

Tom Miller asks: can the Labour left fix its mistakes and find a coherent direction?

What’s all this ‘red wall’ stuff?

Paul Salveson examines the myth of the Northern Labour Heartlands

E. P. Thompson and the class issue

Trevor Fisher on the continued relevance of The Making of the English Working Class

Labour falters in Wales

Peter Rowlands on Tory gains in north and holds for Labour in south

Grim up North

Paul Salveson on the challenges of rebuilding the red wall

Putney victory

Robbie Scott on how Putney became Labour’s only Tory scalp

After darkness, light

Tom Miller reflects on the reasons for defeat and identifies seeds for renewal

Regroup and learn the lessons

Sam Tarry MP on threats and challenges facing the Labour movement

Retrospect and prospects

In anger as well as sadness Duncan Bowie reflects on failure and lost opportunities

After the deluge

Don Flynn assesses the Corbyn legacy