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Left populism: learning from the past, preparing for the future

Marina Prentoulis outlines key arguments and lessons for socialist strategy to be drawn from Spain, Greece and the Corbyn experience

How do you like them Apples?

Patrick Mulcahy on the art of forgetting

Greek Golden Dawn fascists jailed

Josephine Grahl on an historic victory against Greek neo-Nazis

Greek elections – SYRIZA down but not out

Marina Prentoulis says the defeat of SYRIZA is bad news for Greece and Europe but the party remains a strong centre-left force

Syriza wins but at what price?

Marina Prentoulis surveys the uncertain terrain left by Syriza's second election triumph

Time to end failed experiment – Manuel Cortes

In the latest print issue of CHARTIST, Manuel Cortes tells us why Europeans urgently need an alternative to austerity European economies are in a perilous...

Let Greece breathe

In seeking an end to austerity Greece’s left government is fighting for all Europe says Marina Prentoulis   The victory of Syriza on 25 January was...

The Greek drama – the first month of SYRIZA government

Isidoros Diakides argues we must avoid talk of betrayals and acknowledge the new Greek government has won a breathing space

Yanis Varoufakis: The second man of our Greek moment

Greece's freshly minted finance minister is London this week. Since Syriza's earth shaking win in Greece last month, Yanis Varoufakis has been making some...

Greece must not stand alone

Mike Davis on why support for the new Greek government is vital and in Labour’s interests Hope, dignity, bread could summarise the slogans of the...

Greece must not stand alone

Frank Lee is encouraged by the landslide victory of Syriza in Greece but sees huge challenges ahead