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Black curriculum needed to combat racism

Olivia Bridge says post-Brexit UK immigration rules undermine efforts to make the UK’s national curriculum more diverse

National Windrush Day and beyond

Make this the first step in a mass campaign for migrant rights!

When black lives don’t matter

The recent Public Health England report on the impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities contains no action plan and sidesteps equalities law, says Puru Miah

Immigration Bill rejects key workers we clap weekly

Don Flynn welcomes Labour’s decision to oppose the Bill, but says a serious campaign is needed to get the public onside for the alternative

Right to Stay

Alena Ivanova says we must give full rights to the many EU citizens we rely on as frontline workers

Patients Not Passports: The fight for the future of our NHS

As the coronavirus dominates the health headlines, James Skinner and Aedín O’Cuill explain how the hostile environment has infected the NHS

Calais children abandoned – the fate of child migrants

Thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean, died trying to get onto lorries or as victims of traffickers since the Jungle was demolished in 2016....

Trump targets US workers and immigrants

As global capitalism recedes Don Flynn finds immigrants are left exposed and vulnerable

Don Flynn, Brexit and Free movement

In CHARTIST 281, Don Flynn calls on Labour to tackle exploitation in the labour market   There is no denying the fact that anxieties over immigration...

Five lessons for Labour on migrants’ rights

Don Flynn on why it is time for Labour to make the progressive case

Migrants as contributors and partners

Yes, migrants are net contributors, but they are also our partners in challenging inequality and injustice, says Don Flynn, from the Migrants Rights Network   Last...