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Demise of Empire State Britain

Gerry Hassan with eleven takes on the SNP, Labour, independence and the problem of the British state

A welcome requiem for the English Empire?

Glyn Ford on post-Brexit fantasies

Going green

Dave Toke explains how Scottish independence will boost green energy

A better yesterday?

Gerry Hassan says Scottish Labour has to execute a dramatic forward-looking change if it is to reverse decades of decline

Scotland & the end of the Empire State

Gerry Hassan on self-government, the weaknesses of Labour (and Tory) opposition to the SNP and the need for a new constitutional settlement as the Brexit imbroglio unfolds

The New Devolution Politics & the ‘Neverendum’

The aftermath of the referendum has been won by Scotland's Nationalists. This could have serious long-term consequences which could still see Scotland go it...

Scotland’s Tory menace

24 hours before the referendum vote in Scotland, Maria Fyfe presents the case for NO and the unhelpful influence of unhelpful Tories.  There have been...

The spectre of the 2 ‘B’s: Scotland, the Bond Markets and Brussels

An independent Scotland may not possess their own currency come 2016, but its citizens will expect the country to have its own fiscal policy powers....

Gerry Hassan on Scotland’s new radicals

In the latest issue of CHARTIST, Gerry Hassan surveys the opportunities and challenges of the Independence debate. Scotland's new radicals. As the polls narrow...