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New times, old delusions

Dave Lister on simplistic internationalism

Don’t Stop the War Coalition

Dave Lister finds that Stop the War's silence and equivocation on Syria raises questions over its peace ambitions

Turkish ‘Peace Operations’

Mary Southcott says Turkey’s attacks on Kurds in northern Syria need to be seen in a wider context

Kurds need support on Northern Syria

Fabian Hamilton argues for a multilateral approach to the Syrian conflict Like most people in this country, I have watched in horror in recent years as...

Corbyn’s Labour needs to get real on Syria

Can Paz dissects the Syrian conflict while making a robust call for Corbyn’s Labour to change a skewed view of the war Following a successful year...

War Without End – by Clive Lewis MP

Clive Lewis MP, shadow minister for Energy and Climate  veteran of the Afghanistan war says it is time to learn from the past and...