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Government failure behind energy crisis

The only thing wrong with renewables is that we’ve not built nearly enough of them, says Dave Toke

Bite the Bullet! Radical campaigning to match the climate emergency

Tim Root says it’s time to shift the focus on to banks to secure action
An Afghan boy looks at a British Royal Marine with Lima Company, 42 Commando, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, December of 2009.

Afghanistan and the forever war

Paul Dixon puts the spotlight on the military elite’s warmongering

Labour needs to go local

Paul Salveson on red walls, heartlands and Labour dilemmas

Who are the bricks in the Red Wall?

Bryn Jones reviews recent surveys of why Labour lost many traditional seats in 2019

France – left populism flags

Andrew Coates finds a fragmented left and a split far-right

Tories put politics first on economy

Dennis Leech says Labour needs to do more than promise to balance the books

Joining the dots on Labour and unions

Maria Exall says positive proposals for workers agreed at Conference need joined up politics to work

A social guarantee for adult social care

Maeve Cohen says market-driven care services must go, while highlighting a local alternative model

No one safe until all safe

Nick Dearden says Britain must follow US in agreeing a patent waiver

Government plans won’t fix broken social care system

Georgia Sangster explains why social care needs a universalist long term settlement