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Battered and vital

Ralph Berry on how the Covid pandemic has revealed the value of local partnerships

Covid mental health fallout

Steven Walker says action is needed to avert crisis amongst the poor and young

Progressive politics beyond the pandemic

Robin Hambleton suggests that Covid-19 is opening up new political possibilities

Facing oblivion

Simon Tait reports on the dire prospects for the arts in a time of Covid

Government stonewalls on justice for families

Jo Goodman on growing urgency for government inquiry into Covid-19 deaths

A Track and Trace plan to more deaths

A top-down, over-centralised government Track and Trace system is failing poorer communities, reports Puru Miah

Johnson’s own goal

Trevor Fisher on the contradictions between policies on pubs and pitches

The great Covid-19 swindle

Tom Miller says austerity continues for councils

Women in coronavirus firing line

Alice Arkwright sees a roll-back of gender equality in Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 – a legacy of failure

Allyson Pollock and Louisa Harding-Edgar say there is also an opportunity to end the neoliberalism that got us to this point

I lost my father

Jo Goodman on a new group set up to hold the government to account for its handling of the Covid pandemic