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Our future lies through Europe

Laura Parker looks at the history of Britain’s chequered relationship with Europe and says remain and reform must be at the heart of Labour’s manifesto offer

Anti-Brexit home truths

Alena Ivanova says Labour’s previous triangulation has failed so it’s time to bury the idea of a Labour Brexit

Staying in the best option

We’re in the right place, says Alex Sobel. Now Labour must campaign hard for a vote on Johnson’s offer or Remain

Wales to be hit harder

Peter Rowlands on the impact of Brexit on Wales and the challenge for new Labour leader A recent survey for Wales Online highlighted the various...

Brexit: Labour’s options

Peter Kenyon reviews what's at stake for the nation before 29 March 2019 Hyperbole has ruled. It's time for truth. And there is not...

Conference green light to stay put

Alena Ivanova says let’s make our movement home for the 20th October marchers

Crunch time for Corbyn’s Labour on Brexit

Alena Ivanova on how the Left is gearing up for a fight on Brexit - and not a minute too soon

Ireland’s Brexit borders?

Could Ireland’s border be the stumbling block for Brexit? James Anderson on carrots and sticks and collateral damage. What are Britain’s Brexit negotiators up to...

Remain, Reform, Rebuild: the 3R strategy for Labour on Brexit

Remain, Reform, Rebuild: the 3R strategy for Labour on Brexit Labour will have to sort the Tory Brexit mess by committing to the 3R strategy...

Brexitology – a challenge for voters and Corbyn

Peter Kenyon explores the mysteries of Britain's application to leave the European Union as the Tories prepare for the next round of talks My formative...

We must never accept a Tory Brexit

Manuel Cortes on why Brexit is the big issue for workers Thereís a useful rule of thumb in politics. If the Tories - or those...