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Belarus & Poland in murderous migrant policies

Alena Ivanova on solidarity acts for thousands trapped in hostile environments in Eastern Europe

Germany goes Green or goes nowhere? 

Glyn Ford examines the state of play for left parties in forthcoming German elections

Protection for supply chain workers

Lara Wolters on a key human rights and environmental due diligence protection from the European Parliament

Turkey at the tipping point

Mary Southcott finds the boiling cauldron of issues, from war to migration to authoritarian repression, in and around Turkey require a new world order

Surrender – Phase 1 complete

Peter Kenyon reviews the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU

Remain & reform

Alex Sobel says we’re better in and working for change together Fighting to remain a part of the European Union is only the first step of...

A tale of two Europes

Niccolo Milanese looks at the multiple crises in the European Union with an unimaginative elite against the twin threats of progressive and reactionary civic...

Debating freedom of movement 

David Pavett critiques of Don Flynn’s approach to EU free movement rights Don Flynn praises Jeremy Corbyn for “setting out the view that there is no...

The left needs to understand the modern EU better. Fast.

A left Euro-scepticism may not be the answer, but neither is the status quo Europhila that is 20 years behind the times It is understandable that those...

Claude Moraes MEP on defending free movement

Claude Moraes MEP argues the Left must take on the EU free movement critics   In the last issue of Chartist Pete Rowlands argued persuasively why the...

Scotland, Europe and Cameron’s follies

Paul Teasdale says that most people in Scotland hope that Cameron does not deliver on his pledges   The referendum in Scotland has ended in a...