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On yer bike!

Puru Miah looks at low traffic neighbourhoods, questions bike-induced road closures and sees a new "tale of two cities" in London

For a progressive English regionalism

Paul Salveson makes the case for a complete overhaul of UK government structures to rebalance power and decision-making currently dominated by London and the South

The great Covid-19 swindle

Tom Miller says austerity continues for councils

Power to the people?

Duncan Bowie asks what power and what people in a discussion of devolution, spatial equity and socialism

Local government on the brink

Duncan Bowie explains how eight years of an austerity straitjacket has pushed many councils to the verge of collapse. But does Labour have an...

Local change-makers

Bob Littlewood on prospects for Labour councils in the face of continuing austerity

Haringey – the first ‘Corbyn Council’?

As campaigning mounts for local council elections in May, Pete Chalk reflects on prospects for Haringey’s incoming Labour councillors

It’s crunch time for local Labour

Tom Miller on holes in the dented shield  Local government is looking increasingly threadbare in the face of austerity. The trend adopted by ‘localist’ Conservatives has been to cut and...