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Government talks big, acts small

Frances O’Grady outlines the TUC recovery plan to combat pay squeeze

Tories building back insecurity

Kate Bell on how unions pushed the Tories on furlough scheme but stop-start short-termism is creating unnecessary redundancies, especially among Black workers

Women in firing line

Alice Arkwright says TUC research spotlights gender discrimination writ large in the pandemic

Government deepens divisions

Paul Nowak outlines a green trade union response to the threat of mass unemployment

Channel the spirit of 1945

Frances O’Grady sets out the case for a National Recovery Council and a new deal - but will the Tories listen?

Putting people’s health before profit

Paul Nowak explains how trade unions, in contrast to some business fat cats, have been at the forefront of pushing Government to take belated but necessary actions to protect us from the ravages of Covid-19. But there is more to do

Sexism at work still rife

Alice Arkwright on a new report exposing widespread sexual harassment in the workplace

Investment first to avoid economic crash

Paul Nowak on the challenges facing Labour and the unions with a new economic recovery plan In its 150th year, the TUC faces some immediate...

Standing up for European solidarity

Frances O’Grady says workers must not be made to pay the price for Brexit This is a defining moment for the trade union movement, and even...

Fork in the road for Greece & Europe: Letter from Frances O’Grady

CHARTIST would like to provide space to this letter by Frances O'Grady of the TUC. Despite the misplaced metaphor by the TUC's metaphor department...

The TUC’s Paul Nowak demands Britain gets a pay rise

Paul Nowak on preparing for the TUC-led mass action in October