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Chartist 300 UP

Mike Davis, editor, on Chartist past, present and future

Universal Basic Income – panacea or snake oil?

Rory O’Kelly has his doubts on the benefits

Amritsar Massacre 1919: a shameful imperial legacy

Kabul Sandhu remembers 100 years ago when British troops killed hundreds of peacefully protesting unarmed Indians

Frack off

Cat Smith on fracking in the face of climate emergency

What do we mean by a National Education Service?

Dave Lister says content and funding must go hand in hand

What does winning mean?

Simon Hannah poses some longer term questions for Labour

Can Labour control corporate power?

Bryn Jones sees limitations in Labour’s worker director model

Perry Anderson: Problems of Socialist Strategy (1965)

This essay was published in Towards Socialism by New Left Review. Other contributors were Thomas Balogh, Robin Blackburn, Ken Coates, Richard Crossman, Andre Gorz,...

Hit the ground running

Manuel Cortes on taking the profit motive out of transport

Sexism at work still rife

Alice Arkwright on a new report exposing widespread sexual harassment in the workplace

Euro Mediterranean migration crisis

Wendy Pettifer on the consequences of hostile environments