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Hong Kong workers under fire

Sacha Ismail says solidarity with beleaguered Hong Kong and Chinese workers is key

Changing whose history?

Andy Gregg welcomes the acquittal of the Colston Four, finding double standards at the heart of Tory culture wars and planned attacks on judicial rights

Biodiversity is political

As we approach COP15, Victor Anderson calls for action on biodiversity, the other environmental crisis

Russian forces put Ukrainian local democracy under the hammer

Responding to the evidence of abduction and murder of Ukrainian mayors and local democracy activists, a group of UK mayors and councillors have issued an appeal for solidarity. Don Flynn reports

Mixed fortunes: a letter from America

Paul Garver surveys US politics a year into Biden’s presidency

Behind ten years of the hostile environment

It is not just the callousness of a harsh Tory government that drives immigration policy, argues Don Flynn, but the logic of neoliberal capitalism that is striving to curtail the rights of all working people

The pandemic is still with us

180,000 deaths testify to Johnson's spectacularly failure to ‘get all the big calls right’, writes Dr John Puntis

Uprisings in Kazakhstan

An anonymous Kazakh participant reports on revolt and repression

Stop Putin’s war

Chartist spoke to Peter Duncan about the war on Ukraine and the possible scenarios for an ending

Civil liberties under fire

Peers block right-wing dog-whistling on right to protest, writes Peter Hain

Tories fiddle while cost of living crisis intensifies

In the wake of the Government’s own fraud minister resigning, Prem Sikka identifies a multibillion-pound scandal