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Labour: get strategic on combatting inequalities

Duncan Bowie on levelling up, strategic planning and local government reform

Make misogyny a hate crime

In the wake of the brutal murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, Sabia Kamali calls for safe spaces and effective action against racism and sexism

Democracy moves stalled at Conference

Mary Southcott reviews progress and tasks facing new democracy movement as Unite rejects the current system

Labour Conference – a sad spectacle of disunity

With Labour still languishing in the polls, Peter Kenyon reports on leadership failures to heal divisions

Beyond face-saving greenwash

It wasn’t meant to be like this: Nigel Doggett reports on failure to secure international commitments

Climate at tipping point

The IPCC is sounding the alarm but, as Nigel Doggett says, magical thinking rules the UK Government

A modest proposal

We’re back! Mel Benk on the return of Young Executives for Labour

Time to stand up for Roma people

Julie Ward reports on anti-Roma racism in the North East

Borders policy that aims to strip away human rights

Don Flynn on the iniquities of the Government’s new Borders Bill

Let the people decide!

Francie Molloy argues that government duplicity on the Northern Ireland protocol underlines the need for a poll on Irish unity

US progressive change window closing

Paul Garver assesses the Biden administration eight months on