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The great Covid-19 swindle

Tom Miller says austerity continues for councils

Paying for the pandemic – war lessons for Labour

Dennis Leech argues that when it comes to paying for the pandemic, Labour should learn the lessons of the two world wars: austerity is not sound economics for recovery

Tories in budget U-turn

Dennis Leech sees the partial ditching of austerity as the sign of a new type of Tory government and an indication Labour needs to change tack

Local government on the brink

Duncan Bowie explains how eight years of an austerity straitjacket has pushed many councils to the verge of collapse. But does Labour have an...

It’s crunch time for local Labour

Tom Miller on holes in the dented shield  Local government is looking increasingly threadbare in the face of austerity. The trend adopted by ‘localist’ Conservatives has been to cut and...

“On your bike”

Amy Edwards sees May's Tories cutting everything, even that which might spite their own face In 1981, Norman...

Prem Sikka on shrinking the state

Austerity can only be ended by a shift in political philosophy argues Prem Sikka Within minutes of the...

The Undeserving Poor

Without tough opposition to Osborne’s welfare cuts Labour risks becoming an irrelevance, says John Percival

Let Greece breathe

In seeking an end to austerity Greece’s left government is fighting for all Europe says Marina Prentoulis   The victory of Syriza on 25 January was...

Yanis Varoufakis: The second man of our Greek moment

Greece's freshly minted finance minister is London this week. Since Syriza's earth shaking win in Greece last month, Yanis Varoufakis has been making some...

Greece must not stand alone

Mike Davis on why support for the new Greek government is vital and in Labour’s interests Hope, dignity, bread could summarise the slogans of the...