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Yanis Varoufakis: The second man of our Greek moment

Greece's freshly minted finance minister is London this week. Since Syriza's earth shaking win in Greece last month, Yanis Varoufakis has been making some...

Greece must not stand alone

Mike Davis on why support for the new Greek government is vital and in Labour’s interests Hope, dignity, bread could summarise the slogans of the...

Greece must not stand alone

Frank Lee is encouraged by the landslide victory of Syriza in Greece but sees huge challenges ahead

Podemos and Socialists arise: In Chartist #272

In CHARTIST 272 Manuel Cortes and Mike Davis cast an interested eye over Podemos & examine the prospects for a revived left in Spain Not...

Greek anti-austerity parties: Prentoulis in Chartist 272

As Greek politics again is shrouded in crisis, Marina Prentoulis' piece in the new issue of CHARTIST is a timely reminder of what real...

Our Broken Economy: Ed’s mission

Ed Miliband had to rally his troops this week. In truth – this was already done for him prior to his big speech on...

The TUC’s Paul Nowak demands Britain gets a pay rise

Paul Nowak on preparing for the TUC-led mass action in October

The spectre of the 2 ‘B’s: Scotland, the Bond Markets and Brussels

An independent Scotland may not possess their own currency come 2016, but its citizens will expect the country to have its own fiscal policy powers....

Troika-induced austerity gets Greek backlash

595 Women Cleaners show the way after an 11-month battle against government and Troika, writes Sonia Mitralia