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A Jubilee, or a mask for anarchy?

Once the Jubilee bunting has gone to landfill, the British monarchy will have to face many awkward questions - including its role in colonialism and the slave trade. At root, however, is the issue of democracy, say Phil Vellender and Steve Freeman

Democracy – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. . .

Three changes to the law last week mean democracy in the UK is now hanging by a thread, says Don Flynn

Changing whose history?

Andy Gregg welcomes the acquittal of the Colston Four, finding double standards at the heart of Tory culture wars and planned attacks on judicial rights

What would Orwell say?

Socialists must be unequivocal in their defence of democracy against authoritarianism, says Bryn Jones, who looks at parallels between the Spanish Civil War and Putin’s war on Ukraine

Civil liberties under fire

Peers block right-wing dog-whistling on right to protest, writes Peter Hain

Tories plan more curbs on union rights

Don Flynn explains the new threat to trade unions and their role in fighting the undemocratic Elections Bill

Parliamentary gravy train

Prem Sikka on the scandal of MPs' second jobs and government complicity

Unlocking Labour

Stuart Hill on the unfinished business of Charter 88

Big picture politics

Andy Burnham argues that levelling up demands radical democratic reform

PR must be new normal

Mark Serwotka says government mishandling of the pandemic underlines the case for electoral reform

PCSC bill passes second reading in the midst of a police fiasco

When the power to determine what is in the public interest is claimed as the exclusive right of police forces, we need to be really worried, says Don Flynn