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We need to talk about Europe

Government plans to leave the European Single Market at the end of December will lengthen the corona recession, says Paul Teasdale

The dividend curse

Prem Sikka explains how income inequalities have widened during the shareholder bonanza of the last ten years

A radical programme to get us through the crisis

The UK, in common with the rest of Europe, has swung sharply in the direction of state capitalism. Don Flynn argues that Labour has to push hard to ensure that full employment, a cooperative model for business and a strong voice for workers and communities becomes the direction of travel

Giving away control

Crashing out of the EU will mean subservience to US capital with more than its chlorinated chicken says Dave Toke

Investment first to avoid economic crash

Paul Nowak on the challenges facing Labour and the unions with a new economic recovery plan In its 150th year, the TUC faces some immediate...

Funding a left Labour programme

Prem Sikka says getting taxation policy right is critical for Labour Tax revenues are the life-blood of all democracies. Without these, no state can alleviate...

It’s crunch time for local Labour

Tom Miller on holes in the dented shield  Local government is looking increasingly threadbare in the face of austerity. The trend adopted by ‘localist’ Conservatives has been to cut and...

Our Broken Economy: Ed’s mission

Ed Miliband had to rally his troops this week. In truth – this was already done for him prior to his big speech on...

The problematic economics of Balls

The extent of Ed Balls’ toxic influence over Labour’s political economy does not begin and end with the current ‘austerity-lite’ agenda. The impression made...