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Joining the dots on Labour and unions

Maria Exall says positive proposals for workers agreed at Conference need joined up politics to work

Government puts workplace safety on back burner

Paul Nowak indicts the government for its cavalier approach

Work does not pay

Paul Nowak find the Tories' Good Work plan is all warm words and sticking plasters Amidst the continuing Brexit omnishambles, you might not have noticed...

Investment first to avoid economic crash

Paul Nowak on the challenges facing Labour and the unions with a new economic recovery plan In its 150th year, the TUC faces some immediate...

Trump, white nativism and economic populism: a new (r)age for western politics

Trump's victory smashed Obama's blue wall. It demands the American and European left learn uncomfortable lessons  Throw it all out. The model and rule book we...

Going for the jugular

Dave Prentis on the Trade Union Bill and its attack on human rights The right to strike is a fundamental human right recognised across...

Archive Oldie: 2004 Interview with the legendary Jack Jones

Ten years ago to the month, CHARTIST editor Mike Davis interviewed Jack Jones. When this great fighter for working people passed away in 2009...

‘real’ labour market reform demands collective bargaining’s revival

The version of 'labour market reform' we've had to swallow for 30 years has successfully destroyed much of collective wage bargaining in Britain and...

The TUC’s Paul Nowak demands Britain gets a pay rise

Paul Nowak on preparing for the TUC-led mass action in October