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Beyond the fragments

As has happened before, the working class has fallen into a state of division and fragmentation. Don Flynn argues a socialist narrative centring on the crisis-ridden nature of capitalism will be needed to rebuild working class identity

The struggle to overthrow patriarchy is ongoing

Patrick Mulcahy on the birth of modern Women’s Lib

A better yesterday?

Gerry Hassan says Scottish Labour has to execute a dramatic forward-looking change if it is to reverse decades of decline

Irish Election marks seismic shift

Jerry Fitzpatrick on the historic victory for Sinn Fein and what it means for Irish unity

Surrender – Phase 1 complete

Peter Kenyon reviews the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU

Resonating with the membership

Andrew Coates looks at the main leadership candidates and finds Keir Starmer best placed to take the party forward

The path to power

Jon Lansman says Rebecca Long-Bailey can unite the party and win back lost seats

Nuclear fantasy

Dave Toke says Government plans for a programme of small nuclear power stations is a costly non-starter

Can’t pay won’t pay, 30 years on

Simon Hannah on lessons of the battle to defeat the Poll Tax

Hunger strike against global inaction

Climate emergency hunger striker Peter Cole explains why he and others took dramatic action in the UK and worldwide

Trump challenge

Paul Garver on the challenge for rivals aiming to stop Trump in 2020