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Uprising in Chile

Ricardo Salva says the recent turmoil in Chile heralds the beginning of a potential revolutionary transformation

The Audacity of Hope

Patrick Mulcahy on a tense portrait of rich and poor in South Korea

Brexit after Johnson’s victory

Glyn Ford says Johnson will be torn between machismo and pragmatism over Brexit

Labour falters in Wales

Peter Rowlands on Tory gains in north and holds for Labour in south

Grim up North

Paul Salveson on the challenges of rebuilding the red wall

Free market nightmare

Nick Dearden on the danger of Johnson dancing to Trump’s tune on trade

Stuart Holland: The Socialist Challenge (1975)

Stuart Holland was an Oxford-educated economist, with degrees in history and economics, who on graduating worked with the economist Thomas Balogh and then in...

The challenges of leadership

Successful candidates for Labour leader and deputy have huge tasks to overcome. Rebuilding electoral support and overcoming party divisions are two central challenges among others set out by Duncan Bowie as a guide to selection.

Keep the European flag flying

Julie Ward on taking internationalism to the streets

Putney victory

Robbie Scott on how Putney became Labour’s only Tory scalp

Johnson’s economic populism

Bryn Jones finds the Tories' adaptation to state intervention is an opportunity for a Labour counter-offensive