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Gogglebox and what polling shows

Trevor Fisher says Labour would be foolish to take much from current opinion poll figures and voices concerns of a return to New Labour mark II

Defending democratic states

Don Flynn argues solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance is essential but we should recognise the problem with NATO and the Armageddon strategy

Stop Putin’s war

Chartist spoke to Peter Duncan about the war on Ukraine and the possible scenarios for an ending

Civil liberties under fire

Peers block right-wing dog-whistling on right to protest, writes Peter Hain

Levelling up to what?

Paul Salveson on the hollowness of Michael Gove's mission statement

Anti-nuclear archbishop

Fabian Hamilton on the peace legacy of Desmond Tutu

Solidarity now with Ukrainian resistance

Youth activist Hunter Christopher reports on the urgent need for solidarity and the campaign to end Tory visa requirements for refugees

Tories fiddle while cost of living crisis intensifies

In the wake of the Government’s own fraud minister resigning, Prem Sikka identifies a multibillion-pound scandal

Green energy to reduce prices

Spiking natural gas exports prove that renewables, not gas, give us energy security, says David Toke

Grand theft, what oh!

Patrick Mulcahy on a comic twist to Goya heist

Missionaries with no new money

Jamie Driscoll calls out the Tories' levelling up proposals