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Great British Railways – where shall we put it?

Paul Salveson on the danger of ending up with the worst of both worlds

Political instability beckons in France as Macron loses majority

The  shadow of the far-right hangs over advances for the left alliance in the French parliamentary elections, writes Andrew Coates

Red and green politics together

Recently retired Unite general secretary Len McCluskey looks back on his decades of union activism

Committed socialist co-operator with a big heart

Mike Davis remembers James Grayson

Barbados: from slave plantation to republic

With a legacy of colonial racism and exploitation, Barbados is moving on to a new republican era, explains Patricia Stafford

Tories scupper green energy

David Toke says Tory opposition to onshore wind is just the tip of the iceberg in their failure on green energy 

Government abandons disabled while leaseholders languish

Dermot McKibbin reports on the Commons select committee criticism of Government on changes in approach to fire safety issues

The economic impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine

Added to a large debt, large-scale migration, a deep recession and severe damage to industrial capacity will hit Ukraine hard, says David Dalton

Chemical weapons against Kurds

Julie Ward reports on Turkish atrocities and calls for action now

Under the myth of ‘long Corbynism’

Trevor Fisher argues Keir Starmer is trapped in a Westminster bubble while trampling on member democracy

Government fails to rebalance scales

Mary Kelly Foy on fighting for a better high street for communities, businesses and workers