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What do we mean by an ethical foreign policy?

In the midst of a global pandemic, climate change and conflict, Mary Kaldor suggests features of an ethical socialist Labour internationalism or human security policy

Is Starmer’s Labour centre-right?

A rightwards lurch to appeal to Tory voters would be electoral suicide, argues Trevor Fisher

How is Starmer doing?

Starting our new column, Bryn Jones reviews some of Starmer’s Ten Pledges

UK government cop-out at COP26

Simon Pirani says at COP26 politicians gave the thumbs-up to more oil and gas

Pipeline challenge for German Greens

Dave Toke says German Greens face policy crunch in the new government

Not fit for purpose

Sea water swimming brought Karen Constantine up close to the realities of sewage pollution, underlining why Labour must commit to renationalisation

Parliamentary gravy train

Prem Sikka on the scandal of MPs' second jobs and government complicity

Relying on Tory failure is not enough

Rory O’Kelly on the electoral state of the Labour Party and why it needs to be more than a lesser evil

Government talks big, acts small

Frances O’Grady outlines the TUC recovery plan to combat pay squeeze

Porker skewered

Peter Kenyon reviews Conservative and Labour Party electoral prospects in the wake of the North Shropshire by-election


Patrick Mulcahy on Spielberg’s West Side Story