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Labour’s left and the problem of Starmer

Peter Rowlands says Starmer must row back from Corbyn’s suspension and open serious dialogue with the left about the party’s direction if Labour is to succeed

The road to ethno-nationalism

Nick Matthews on factionalism and Labour’s missed moments

Reflecting on the Corbyn years

Duncan Bowie looks at differing assessments of what went wrong for Labour

Retrospect and prospects

In anger as well as sadness Duncan Bowie reflects on failure and lost opportunities

After the deluge

Don Flynn assesses the Corbyn legacy


Jeremy Corbyn got a bigger and renewed mandate. How did conference respond? David Lister reports on Corbyn’s speech, mixed messages and unity calls   I attended...

Labour’s uncivil war: will it ever end?

Peter Kenyon fears the prospects are slim

Beyond the Factions

Trevor Fisher on Labour's deepening quagmire

From one Owen to another

Trevor Fisher sees much value in Owen Jones' lessons for Labour, even as Owen Smith emerges as the sole challenger to Corbyn       The...

After a week of plotting

Trevor Fisher on a Labour engaged in splits, and Tory government splitting its sides Last autumn the Labour leadership issues seemed possible to discuss objectively, with...

Chartist statement on Labour’s Leadership

Corbyn: popular, but not with Labour MPs - why? Peter Kenyon and Mike Davis explore events post the EU-referendum as Labour plunges into a parallel...