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Nigel Farage and Brexit Party candidates celebrate the European election result

Leading not leaving

Why did it all go wrong? Julie Ward MEP on how Labour sent the wrong message to the voters in the European Elections

The world doesn’t revolve around Wigan, Wansbeck or wherever

Peter Kenyon marvels at the policy-thinking that our sisters and brothers in Europe are engaged in

Labour renewing the European left

Patrick Costello and Glyn Ford identify Labour’s European allies and why it is vital to develop solidarity in the face of Brexit

Labour beware false optimism

Labour squeezed through the middle of two Brexit parties to win the Peterborough by-election, but the European elections tell a different...

For a non-toxic Labour Party

Dave Lister argues for a more tolerant and civil party culture Talking to people from across the...
Aneurin Bevan

Building power: it’s up to us

Having consolidated the leadership, the Corbyn left must continue to build a member-led listening party - especially on Europe, argues Tom...

Hokey-Cokey Labour

Peter Kenyon reviews the ins and outs of the British Labour Party's EU policy making The hokey-cokey doesn't...

What price a People’s Vote? 

Bryn Jones fears another referendum could lead to electoral defeat for Labour Judging by my email inbox, the...

Million march for putting it to the people 

It’s time for Labour to create time for a public vote and prepare for elections to win in Europe, writes Mike...

Steering Labour off the road to nowhere

Steve Freeman & Phil Vellender argue for a simple yes/no vote on a Tory deal Since December 2018,...

Time for direct action

Alena Ivanova says Brexit is an existential question for Labour