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Crossroads for social democracy

Don Flynn examines Labour’s ‘A New Deal for Workers’ and asks: where are its working class backers? And what role for Generation Left?

Pathway to recovery

William Bain puts the case for Westminster electoral reform from Scotland

Mo and Robin changing the political culture

Mary Southcott on how Robin Cook's and Mo Mowlam's personal qualities informed their support for electoral reform

Traditional values in a modern setting

Ann Black on developing a policy programme and a snappy slogan to scotch the Tories

The policy maze

Trevor Fisher finds a huge credibility gap at the heart of Labour’s policy-making process

Getting beyond the fragments – again

Don Flynn dissects two important contributions on Labour’s future

Taking back control: a campaign for Labour autocracy?

The need for CLP meetings to be online due to Covid restrictions is being exploited by Labour officials at the expense of party democracy, argues Bryn Jones

Cook & Mowlam: Labour pioneers for electoral fairness

Alan Yearsley on earlier visionaries for democratic reform

A young person’s priority

Ewan Wadd on why we need a representative parliament

Labour lacks ambition and radicalism on the economy

Look to Biden's fiscal stimulus and more, says Dennis Leech, who finds Labour’s alternative lacking

Making Labour policy

Karen Constantine on how Labour members can influence policy