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The rise of Labour’s soft left

The tendency of choice – the soft left?               The Corbyn leadership victory throws up a lot of issues from the past which were never...

Labour’s silence

Paul Teasdale on a chorus of deafening silence

Archive Oldie | Peter Kenyon ‘It’s the party, stupid’ (2006)

CHARTIST’s Archive Oldie is back with another 2006 BANG Peter Kenyon reviews the prospects for Britain’s mainstream political parties in 2006 ahead of the PoWEr...

Northern lessons Labour must Learn

Chartist's Paul Salveson, who writes our Points & Crossings column, has recently left the Labour party to join Yorkshire First, a party formed around the mission of a devolved assembly for Yorkshire. Here he tells us - and the Labour party - why.

Labour, be bold!

Peter Kenyon sees a risky strategy and wants Miliband to be honest with voters Fingers crossed Labour leader Ed Miliband is saving the best until...